Above Majestic, The Ultimate Red Pill Movie ?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Yvonne Smith, Nov 13, 2018.

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    I have been reading about this movie, but I have not watched it yet, and I have really mixed feelings about watching it. It is about the secret government facilities, deep underground bases, and many other secret things we never hear much about; but it also involves supposed secret bases on the moon, space aliens, age regression, and other things that I am totally skeptical about.
    Since it is just a movie, part of it is probably based on facts, and part of it is just movie theatrics.
    Has anyone seen this movie, and if you have watched it, what did you think about it ? It is about $12 to buy it on Amazon, and supposed to be on youtube for free, but i have not found the free version yet.
    Here is the trailer:

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    I have followed the conspiracies for years, and I have no doubt that some theories have validity, but I think most are not. The trailer says the Germans had bases on the Moon and Mars in 1939 when they didn't have a successful jet fighter until late in the war...I think not. Majestic 12 is well known, but what it did and why it was formed is not conclusively understood.
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