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    After my many years locked away in a boarding school I felt the need to come out of myself. That release came in the form of joining a dramatic acting troupe.. a sideline of the Sydney CBD department store at which I worked. I loved this pastime and became very good at it .We even toured our plays to regional centres. I had grandiose dreams of being a famous actor along lines of Errol Flynn.. ha ha.. had nowhere near the looks or charisma of the "Tasmanian devil" but some of his talent so I decided I'd join a acting school and train at nite. I became the school's star performer and won several of its annual awards. My world came tumbling down on the nite of the schools annual performance at one of Sydney's most luxurious hotels. This was to be a big nite as several prominent people from the acting professsion had been invited. Things were going swimmingly until the production's party scene. For some unknown reason the cast were served actual alcohol. Before long people were slurring their words and forgetting their lines. I was stone cold sober as I played a clergyman conducting a marriage.. so I saw this debacle at close hand and winced as I saw any career I may have had going down the gurgler. I have to say this was among not only the most embarrassing nite of my life but the saddest.
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