Amazing Cancer Cure... From Measles Virus!

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    This amazing article is about a woman who was terminally ill with cancer. they had given her every kind of chemotherapy treatment possible, and the cancer just kept coming back again and again, and finally, there was noting more that they could do for her, using the normal cancer treatments, and what they did was inject her with a measles virus.
    In 36 HOURS the tumor was gone off of her forehead, and in 2 WEEKS, she had no signs of cancer remaining in her body ......... what an amazing miracle ! !

    I read this article, and it started me thinking about the incidence of cancer and of measles when we were kids. Almost every kid got the measles and the mumps, and probably chicken pox back when i was a kid in the 1950’s. No one was vaccinated, and it was just a pert of growing up back then.
    There was hardly anyone who died from cancer, compared with now, when every person has to be vaccinated to keep them from getting these childhood diseases.
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    I have long thought that contracting some viral diseases are necessary for the normal development of the immune system, but this is the first research I have heard on the subject. Vaccinating every child against every known disease is perhaps responsible for consequences down the road. When I worked in Bolivia, every child there contracted Hepatitis A before the age of 18 months, but they suffered no consequences and seldom even developed symptoms. We only knew they had been exposed because they developed the antibodies against the virus when tested. There is now some idea that syphilis was once an endemic disease that was contracted in childhood, and only became virulent when contracted as an adult. The same may be true of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. Many primitive societies have been found to carry a species of Helicobacter as normal flora in the stomach, but no disease (ulcers) ever develops.

    Childhood diseases probably have served a purpose in the past, but cannot serve that purpose when vaccine prevail. Which viruses are essential and which are not remains to be determined. I am glad that Mayo is looking into this.
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