Debt For Dummies

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    Debt slaves the US system. The Federal Reserve System which is not Federal but a private own system. It was created in December 23 1913. That has been in existence for 107 years, think about that as we go on.
    The US has the Federal Reserve System print money and they are given bonds to cover that value.
    Lets look at a simple debt system, simple example.
    If you print $100.00 and the interest is 1% that means you have to pay back $101.00, but that is impossible because that $1 does not exist.
    So you need to print into existence that $1, so you print another $100.00 to pay off that $1. So now you have the new $100,00 less the $1 you owed now, you have $99.00 and need to pay back $101.00.
    As you see this over the years, you can never pay off the debt. In first hundred years, all money you print only goes to pay the debt.
    Remember the Federal Reserve has been around for 107 years. You’re screwed.
    Now the big banks even have a better scam with fractional banking

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