Depression Rent Parties

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    During the worst years of the Great Depression, roughly 1930-34, unemployed people held "rent parties" to raise money to avoid eviction from their rented homes, which was around $26 per month for an average single-family house.

    They would hire a small Jazz Band, which was the popular music of the day, preceding the Swing Craze of the late 30s and into the 40s. Friends and neighbors were invited, and were charged an admission which was to cover the next months rent and to pay the band.

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    This might be a terrible guess,
    but I guess that about 4 million families are going to be evicted within the next six months for
    non-payment of rent or mortgage due to the virus boondoggle,
    someone comes up with a way to remedy that situation for them.

    How many had "depression rent parties" ? (I have no idea) ....

    The debt families are in already, could not be paid possibly even selling all they can sell, if they could sell....

    (There is one possible solution I've read about, but rarely seen happen - someone in the relatives of the family redeeming their property/ debt)

    On a tangent note: one church, maybe for show? , (maybe for truth?) ,

    paid off all the student (college) debt in one town or place in the news in the last year.

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