Folding Paper Box Factory

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    As a high school and college student, I worked for the summers of several years at a folding paper box factory. They manufactured the small boxes which would be used to contain a product sold, such as a bottle of aspirin or other painkiller. The boxes began with printed paper stock which would be passed through a lengthy conveyor machine which glued and folded the boxes before spewing them compressed out of a conveyor belt, from where one worker would take a handful of boxes, hand them to another worker who'd put them into a packing crate, which when filled would be shot down rollers to a third worker who would seal the packed crate and stack it on a pallet for removal to shipping.

    The job was repetitious and monotonous, but workers on a team passed time by conversing and listening to transistor radios. Many of the employees were Hispanic, which gave me a good chance to use my three years of high school Spanish, expanding upon it as well as my appreciation of Hispanic cultures. The job was not great, but the working environment enriching!

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