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Discussion in 'Conspiracies & Paranormal' started by Yvonne Smith, Nov 8, 2018.

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    One of the interesting phenomenons of the Q-Anon movement is the Q-clock. I don’t know who made it, and I hate any kind of numbers, so I can’t even BEGIN to decipher or understand it, but I do like seeing what other people are sharing about the timeline.
    From what I can grasp, the date points to one of the earlier Q drops, and tells you what to expect from The PLan for that day.
    The q-drops are confusing to me anyway, and now that I am learning that they do not necessarily even relate to the timeframe when they are released, it makes it even more confusing for me. Gematria is just as bad, and I never try to decipher that either, although it does seem to work when you like numbers and know what you are doing.

    Anyway, the circumstance that prompted me to start this thread, is the fall that Ruth Bader Ginsburg took yesterday afternoon in her office .
    Someone posted that when they checked the clock (I think for yesterday ), that it led to the number 2–11.
    When you look at that q-post, it simply says “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”, which suggest that the post from that day correlates to her fall and broken ribs today.

    This picture that I posted of the clock is not the one from today, but it is there to give you and idea of how complicated the Q-clock is.

    E41048BF-4E1E-4628-9D16-F1C0020474C4.jpeg F6737A4C-0719-4434-A12D-5EB1C4D99D16.jpeg
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