Have A Major Degree, But Didn't Use It?

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Cody Fousnaugh, Jan 12, 2018.

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    When you were younger, did you get a major degree, like Bachelors, Masters or even a Phd. Did you ever use it to get a job, that was related to the degree, but found out that you really didn't like what you were doing? So, you quit that job and from there on, you never used your degree and/or worked in the area the degree was from?

    Sort of shocking, but there are people out there that spent a lot of money on college, or their parents did, and they end up not working in the area of the degree.

    My wife has a Bachelor's in Business Administration and also took courses in Accounting. Except for her last position, before that department was closed, she's always worked in Accounting or Financial. She is now working back in Accounting. She got the Bachelor's when she was 49. A lot of folks get amazed at the age she got it. Before the Bachelor's, she had two AA's from two different Junior Colleges. The lady liked college a whole lot more than I did (LOL). She decided to get her Bachelor's, because she knew she'd get a high salary if she had it. Which did happen.

    As for me, no major degree, only two online Certificates in Purchasing and Inventory Control/Management. But, as I come to find out, most managers didn't even care about the online certificates. Actually, a lot of the things I learned thru these online courses, I already knew from OJT.
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    @Cody Fousnaugh
    I relate totally with your OP! I worked tooth & nail to get my degree, Bachelor of Science, Engineering, got it in 196 after losing a home life, wife, beautiful custom home I slaved at to make unique. Divorce ~ 6 months prior to graduation placed me in the position to drop it all, or somehow prevail. My Mother intervened. She kept the household intact while I continued the most difficult final Engineering courses, and got my degree in 1976.

    Was it worth it, you ask? Both yes, and no. I'd give up that degree in an instant to return to the life I enjoyed with my new wife years earlier. It wasn't to be. Circumstances made us different people. Her folks' deaths, her brother's death, her sister's alienation, all these prevented reconciliation, which would have been my absolute desire, but not to be.

    Anyone wonder why I drink?
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    Good questions.
    In my Christian career, yes, 2 related masters degrees did and probably still does garner me the near instant nod and a better salary from those ministries who have a space available.
    As far as the bachelors in business, sure, since I needed a bachelors degree in just about anything to study for my first masters.

    Now, was all of that desk time necessary? In some ways no, but if the truth be acknowledged, in most ways yes.
    Learning has always been easy for me but the structured studies made me especially mindful of detail. It is like preparing to be a soldier. Just because a person can shoot and is able bodied doesn't make him the person who is prepared for all out war. It takes training and a lot of it to become proficient so yes, classroom time, in any event does help prepare one for life in general.

    No amount of knowledge is ever wasted for it does help define who a person is, and a person who loves the acquisition of it is indeed a very powerful person to contend with.

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