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    I started a Judo club in the Dominican Republic it original was just for my family and extended family but knowing the cost of mats and judo uniforms [gis] it was quite limited. More children wanted to join. Now our class has extended far beyond what we started out at. I asked my niece in Canada if she would go around to different Judo club and ask for any used or unwanted Judo uniforms knowing that new ones are about $100 each. The response was over whelming one Club call Tora donated many and most new Judo uniforms. They also asked if we had enough mats to cover a big enough area we said we had some that I had bought but not enough. They then donated enough to cover the whole floor at a cost of over a thousand dollars. We have had other Dojos donate Gis as well Shin Bu Can in Toronto has donated twice giving us enough for our club and helping other clubs as well. In Canada the cost for a student would be to purchase their own Gi and pay a monthly fee of $85. The people in this country could not even buy a Gi so everything is free no charges of any kind to the students.
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