Losing In Love

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    I watched a sweet little movie on Amazon Prime last night, nothing life changing......... no real message, except perhaps don't give up too easily [​IMG] lots of voice-over, sadly not Morgan Freeman my favourite, [​IMG] worth a watch if you get a chance...

    I liked some of the songs on the soundtrack, particularly this one by Peter Bradley Adams who I have never come across before:

    Los Angeles

    Oh Los Angeles we leave you now
    At the setting of your skies
    As we leave the comfort of your ground
    With your angels we will fly

    Well you carried us in broken dreams
    Like a mother does her sons
    We were scattered 'cross your dirty streets
    We were dying one by one

    And you held us in your city lights
    When our eyes had lost the stars
    And we made our peace with lonely nights
    And you healed our broken hearts

    Well they say the Big One's gonna come
    And you'll fall into the sea
    We will know that then your work is done
    And your angels will go free
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