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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Peter Renfro, Dec 1, 2020.

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    First time I tried it. Mary is still on a mission to update our home. Now we are on to new flooring. We needed luan underlayment and a few other odds and ends.
    Ordered about 1 pm, not expecting it to be ready until today. Got an email about 4 that it was ready.
    I drove down there about 25 miles. Lady at CS took my receipt and started looking around the staging area. I told her that it was 23 sheets of plywood so logically it would be in the lumber area. She continued looking another few minutes before paging someone else. I told the second person that it probably would be in lumber. Second person after a few minutes pages Amy. short conversation and she tells me that Amy has my order down in lumber. Go figure?
    Drive down there , Amy and two helpers load the truck up and I am out of there lickety split.

    Other than the first few minutes of confusion, it worked great, big fan!
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    I’ve always liked Lowes not only because there’s a 10% discount for ALL veterans (not just retired, active and disabled) but there seems to be more people on the floor to get questions answered. Unlike Home Depot (who balk at the full veteran discount) it’s easy to return items with no questions asked. I bought an electric tankless water and it broke within a year and Home Depot refused the return. The lady told me that they discontinued that brand and she couldn’t do an exchange and wouldn’t do a return.

    The one thing I’m Not happy about is that even though we live around 10 minutes from Lowes, the delivery fee is still around 90 beans. I had to have 15 or so sheets of 1/2” drywall and my pickup is old so I opted for a delivery and I got hit with the delivery fee and they do not give a discount on the delivery fee. Lesson learned.

    I haven’t tried the call ahead option but just about every time I go to Lowes there are employees scrambling to fill the carts with call in items so when I have a large enough order, next time I will try it.
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