Order Of Succession Of The Presidency

Discussion in 'Politics & Government' started by Ed Wilson, Aug 26, 2020.

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    If a president of the U.S. dies or leaves office, the order of succession is the Vice President, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives. If Biden is elected and dies or leaves office, Kamala Harris becomes President, and Nancy Pelosi becomes Vice President. Terrified yet?
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    I believe that tif Kamala becomes President she gets to choose her Vice President. I believe Nancy becomes President only if Joe and Kamala both die in office
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    At this point, in the chess game of electing a president, the Republican party is in check. If by January 20th, there is no clear winner in the election, the Speaker of the House takes charge.

    The line of succession isn’t totally covered in the case of a non-election. On January 20th at noon, the President of the United States becomes a civilian until he has taken the oath of office.
    If, perchance there is a no vote, the office becomes vacant and the responsibility goes to ....Nancy.

    Now, whether she is supposed to pick a President or whether it falls to congress to pick one is where the problem lies because it simply wasn’t something that the founders thought could happen.

    If neither D. Trump or Biden wins by a landslide, there’s gonna be trouble in River City.
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    Awe crap o la...should any of that take place. :eek:
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    Now, it appears we might have another new and different issue to consider. There are several reasons that Biden might not make it all the way to the election process, even.
    With his health and mental issues, Nancy Pelosi is already setting up a plan to have him removed if he does win; but it is possible that he could be declared incompetent even before then, because of the memory problems he is having.
    Not only that, but there is the whole Hunter Biden/China/Burisma thing going on, and it looks like they are going to be investigating it.

    People are concerned about this and asking what happens if Biden is switched out just before the election. Since many people have already voted, would the Biden votes simply carry over to the new candidate, or does the whole voting process have to be done over again, and if so, will it be for both Biden and Trump, or just the ones who voted for Biden ?
    Can that still happen with the election so close ?

    Another interesting thing that I ran across today, is that there is already a website owned for ClintonHarris2020 ! ! It was registered over two months ago, so someone must have been planning for a switch just before the elections, it seems ?
    When you go to the website, there is nothing there yet, it just says that the domain name has been purchased.

    I looked up the “Who is guard” name, and what it does is hides the name of the person who actually purchased the domain name, but refers emails and such on to the actual owner.


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