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    Okay, Roach Burgers wasn't the actual name of the place but that was the name that pretty much everyone used for it, and I'd never be able to remember what the actual name was. Roach Burgers was (or perhaps still is) in the little town of Edcouch, Texas. It was a one-man operation, and I think he only opened when he had bills to pay. But not every night, and sometimes he'd go for a week or two without opening.

    I don't remember Roach Burgers ever being opened during the weekday. Perhaps this was to avoid visits from the Health Department. All he served was hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and chili and, like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, he'd get upset if you asked for anything else, or even for special orders. He made them one way, and that was the way they came.

    Generally, he would open for a couple of hours after the bars closed at 2:00 am. We had an ambulance station in Edcouch, and Roach Burgers was across the street from the fire station, so the fire dispatcher would let us know if Roach Burgers was open, often over the dispatch frequency.

    Despite the name, I have never seen an actual roach there. The place was reasonably clean, but more like a regular home kitchen than what you might normally see in a restaurant kitchen.

    The burgers were well done, which happens to be the way that I like them anyhow, and they were greasy, but they were very good, as was the chili.

    Despite his odd hours, when he was open, there would be a line of people waiting for a genuine Roach Burger.
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    Funny how those type of places serve pretty decent food, although I would have gotten the "No Hambuger for you"
    Reply like in Seinfeld because I like mine medium rare. There was a period after that big ecoli outbreak that almost hamburgers were cooked well done. That seems to have eased up.

    There was a Mexican restaurant in Chicago that wasn't a franchise that served the best carnitas ever. Just don't go in the bathroom there and you won't worry to much about your food. :)

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