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    I just rewatched The Client, a 1994 movie that I hadn't seen since around that time. Amazed at the terrific job of acting that the kid (Brad Renfro) who starred in the show did, I found that this was his first movie credit. His father was a factory worker in Tennessee, who had split from his wife when Brad was a toddler. He was raised by his grandmother. He had been discovered by the director of The Client.

    Interestingly, his only known film production prior to The Client was a school production sponsored by DARE, an anti-drug program. His first actual film role (The Client) was in 1994. He was ten. By 1998, he had begun a long string of drug and alcohol-related arrests, as well as the theft of a yacht in 2000.

    Nevertheless, after The Client, he had film roles every year (several in 2000 and 2001) until 2007, when he doesn't show any film credits. He had two film roles in 2008, then died of an overdose that year. He was twenty-five. His first role is the one he is most remembered for.

    Renfro is the older kid. The younger one doesn't have any more speaking parts after this scene.
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