The Telephone Scammer Trying To Sell An I T Subscription To My Son

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    Today, my son was the recipient of one of those phone scam callers who was trying to sell him an IT tech service, or charge him if he already had one.
    The first time he calls them back, the guy says they have dropped him from the service and hangs up.
    So, my son calls back and acts like he is interested in subscribing to the service.

    It is hard to understand everything that the scammer is saying, but my son repeats most of it, so you can follow along, and my son (who has worked in computers for years) pretends not to know much about his old computer.
    (He definitely has the family sense of humor)
    Don’t try to drink coffee while listening to this video.....

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    Given the chance, Yvonne’s son could have made things much worse for the scammer.

    Here’s one example of a gentleman associated with “scam baiters” and how he has a little fun with a scammer ultimately costing the fraudulent caller a lot of money.
    It’s a long view but it’s one of those that you can just hop and skip through and still get the gist of it.


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