What's Your Indoor Home Decor Like?

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    Both Bobby and myself are “outdoor people”, and the house is mostly just a convenient place to eat, sleep, and store things we need or want to have. We are also gadget collectors, and Bobby has his gadgets and I have mine.

    One of the things that I love most about being married to Bobby, is that he does not try to change me from who I am, and I do not try to change him from who he is; so whatever he wants to collect and keep in the house is fine with me, and what I collect is fine with him.

    We both spend more time thinking about what we want to do in the yard than in the house, and enjoy sitting on the front deck , which Bobby built for us himself (and it is beautiful).
    Here is the front deck from last year.
    We still have to get it looking less cluttered this year. It is now also the home of our weed eaters, leaf blowers, and electric cultivators, but that will change once summer is here.

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    Well, Yvonne, my wife wanted to be changed and she has told me (directly), "thank you for changing me". I introduced her into rodeo, changed the boots she wore and she absolutely loved me for it. Her mom said to me "why can't your friends just accept her for her?" and I said "Because they won't. She just doesn't know enough about rodeo, but I'll change that.". After she learned all about rough-stock and timed-events in rodeo, she was totally accepted into the rodeo family.

    She has her plate, Angel, cup/saucer collection and I have my Western TV Show collection and Navy stuff.
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    Our home is a mixture of what I like and what my Honey likes. It's comfy and cosy...and full of peace... everything in it says HOME to us.
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    So your "friends" were more important to you than your wife?

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