You Can Develop A Horsepower

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    Power is the Rate of doing Work, which is measured in Foot-Pounds per Second.

    If you lift 10 pounds 3 feet off the ground, you've done 30 Foot-Pounds of Work.

    Scottish engineer James Watt determined that 550 foot-pounds of work completed in one second equals the power of One Horse under average load conditions . (This also works out to 33,000 Foot-Pounds of work per Minute.)

    Here's how you can develop one horsepower or more:

    Suppose you weigh 180 pounds and you climb a flight of stairs that is 10 feet off the ground.

    You have done 1800 Foot-Pounds of Work.

    Now suppose you ran up those stairs and got to the top in 3 seconds...

    You have accomplished 1800 Foot-Pounds of Work in 3 seconds of time, meaning you have done 600 Foot-Pounds of Work per Second,

    Using Watts' formula, you have developed 600/550, or 1.09 Horsepower!

    I recall years ago when I was in my late twenties, I had a friend time me while I ran up three flights of stairs to the top of a 50-foot wooden tower.

    I weighed 175 pounds and it took me 8 seconds to reach the top, doing 8750 Foot-Pounds of work in 8 seconds, or 1094 foot-Pounds per Second, yielding 1094/550, or 1.99 Horsepower!

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