Did You Enjoy Going To School When You Were Growing Up?

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Yvonne Smith, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Mary Stetler

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    May 30, 2021
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    I did not really enjoy school. I learned very little that I used later in life there. I made 5 or 6 actual best friends forever. The school system had nothing to offer that I needed to learn and since I didn't know what I needed I just coasted through.
    Of course I wish there were curriculum on natural healing and wild foods, survival etc...I might have made them my professions. But hey! I am doing them now. I can become a resource or just browse in the bushes.;)
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  2. Jessica Morgan

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    Jun 2, 2022
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    I didn't like school, I did enjoy a few lessons though but we moved around a lot when younger so I was always the new girl in school. In high school my 2 goods friends went back home, one to South Africa and the other one to New Zealand, so I was quite lonely in my final year. As far as I know they have never returned and I've never tried to contact them.
  3. Trevalius Guyus

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    Jan 22, 2020
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    I really liked school, from kindergarten, through my graduate classes. I made friends with many classmates, got elected to school club positions, was a sports letterman, made it into a college honor society. School mirrored what my life would become, post academia, to a certain extent.

    Learning was, and still is, my greatest joy, in life.
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