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Discussion in 'Senior Employment' started by Mary Stetler, Nov 29, 2023.

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    Oh, I definitely realize that there is a certain mystique or maybe a feeling of being a celebrity attached to being a character at Disney but so is being a cheerleader for a pro football team.
    They’re both high profile but in the end, neither job puts a lot of food on the table.
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    My daughter worked for Disney for 11 years, moving up in the ranks to an executive position. She has pretty fond memories of her years there.

    My late husband worked seasonally at Disney for 12 years, as an actor in their Christmas pageant.

    I have a cousin who's been there for many, many years, first as a choreographer and then as a supervisor. Before Disney World, she worked at Tokyo Disney as a dancer.

    We're kind of a Disney family and used to go frequently. That said, you'd have to tie me up and knock me out to get me to go now. Friends and family come to visit and ask, "Do you want to go to Disney with us?" My answer: "I love you but not THAT much."
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    It's not's a cult. It's weird. It's the "Adults of Disney." It's real life Peter Pan, and it's nothing you want to be near.
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