Inconvenient Historical Facts

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    You are totally missing the point. Slave owners were wealthy land owners for the most part and they were vastly outnumbered by poor dirt farmers in the south, who obviously lived hand-to-mouth and did not own slaves.
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    Sam I think you like to have more heated type debates thats ok with me though because I an do that.

    The pictures are part of the disussion because they are pics of non minority doing lots of hard work that is never shown by our nations media or entertainment because that would not be politically correct.
    In the news its always about how much minority worked and never about the work of the white 'slaves' and their children.
    I don't want to take away from any race or hardship. I care for all people including my own.
    This CRT and other groups attacking us is not based on truth or historicale facts.
    Slavery was a bad thing and nobody should have used others to do their work. This included the black race who sold their people to the highest bidders all over the world. First Portugal then Spain and South America.Blacks still sell their people in Africa today.
    But you will never read about the historicle facts from any school or univerisity books. It is not there only part of it.
    We were fighting the Barbareans on the Barbary Coast who were also enslaving whites and selling the white women to others and working or killing the men.
    Its in the Marine Hynm " to the shores of Tripoli." Wahington was paying them ramsom but Jefferson said no more and created the marines. created the marines to stop the kidnapping of the pirates off Tripoli and other places.

    Interesting history if you care to look it up.

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