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    Paul's Diner is a little restaurant that my wife came upon while looking for gas on our way to attend the funeral of our daughter in North Carolina a few months ago. This would have been July 26 or 27 of 2015. Since we try to make the best use of whatever stops we have to make, we decided to stop for lunch at the same time, and Paul's Diner looked to be as good of a place as any. Paul's Diner is located on 6 Carlisle Road, Westford, Massachusetts.

    I think my wife would agree that it was the best restaurant we visited during that trip, yet it was far from the most expensive. They offer breakfast and lunch, but we were there at lunch time. Their menu is the basic diner fare, but it was prepared to perfection and the service couldn't have been better. Judging from the conversation around us, I would guess that it Paul's Diner sees a lot of local traffic, as well as from people like us. Probably, I will never again visit Paul's Diner because we don't live in Massachusetts, and are unlikely to remember where it was the next time we find ourselves traveling through Massachusetts. However, if we find ourselves in the area at a time when we are in the market for either breakfast or lunch, Paul's Diner would be a very good choice.
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