Ricou Browning - Gill-man In Creature From The Black Lagoon - Died At Age 93

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    Ricou Browning, a skilled swimmer best known for his underwater role as the Gill Man in the quintessential 3D black-and-white 1950s monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon, passed away on February 27, 2003. He was 93 years old.


    While filming underwater, Browning reportedly held his breath for up to four minutes at a time. In a 2013 interview, Browning clarified: "If you're not doing anything at all, four minutes is possible, but not if you're moving in the water. If you're swimming fast or fighting, you use up a lot of oxygen, and it cuts it down to, at the most, two minutes". According to Browning, during shooting one day, a snapping turtle bit off the foot of the Gill-man costume, and he had to chase the turtle to retrieve it.

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    RIP, Ricou
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    I still watch it every few years on TCM.
    It's on my list of favorite sci-fi / horror movies from my younger days.
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