Strawberries And Currant Bushes

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    Good morning to all-
    So we are here in the Deep South Gardening Dead Zone- that is, mid summer. Gardening is very hard at this time for us.

    We did have a very good blueberry pick this year, and our early spring gardens were all fine. Daughter's blackberry canes made a lot of big, sweet berries- very good pies and pastries.
    right now were have sweet peppers for grilling and stir-fry use, and wonder of wonders- we have a productive, living tomato vine. A volunteer tomato grew and is producing lots of little plum-cherry yellow 'maters for salad and gazpacho. I assure you all, I WILL be keeping seed from this little plant for next year.

    We have late green beans coming- just starting to bloom- hope to get some late summer green beans, I do.

    Of course, the melons and squash just swelled up with the every day heavy rains and exploded as they almost always do.

    And we are picking enough figs to make a world of fig-Newtons.

    I'm looking forward to December when the Satsumas get ripe- great winter time produce, they are.

    you all be safe and keep well- Ed
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