Two 19th Century Colt Sa Cartridge Revolvers

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    One is the Colt .45 Single Action Army and the other is the Colt 44.40 Frontier Six Shooter which was more popular among the frontiersmen as the ammo was identical to that used by the 1873 Winchester.

    Seems that all my TV and movie cowboy heroes used one of these.

    I have a Remington SA cartridge-fed via loading gate revolver whose documentation claims that is a replica of one of Jesse James' firearms, although the literature I've read, including 19th century texts imply that he was a Colt man after the ball-and-cap days passed. No mention of Remington.

    Speaking of his shootin' irons, Mama Zerelda, ever the entrepreneur, sold pistols she claimed were his, including rusty ones she probably found at the town dump.

    She also reportedly sold packages of dirt she claimed were from his first grave site on the farm.
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