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    Regarding the "My picture uploads sideways" issues...I don't think there's a forum fix other than an Add-On for users to Rotate once the pic has been uploaded. But there may be a User work-around.

    This seems to only be an issue with pics from some cell phones that then get uploaded in their original format. I was able to get my rotated cell phone pic to upload right side-up by renaming & saving it through a photo program before uploading it (thus somehow changing the phone camera's format.)

    Here's a bunch of different stuff I looked at, just for grins.

    This is the full-sized pic unmodified off of my phone, 3024 x 4032 (2.15mb)
    (This picture's thumbnail also displays sideways in the Uploaded Files section at the bottom.)

    Here is that same pic I opened in a photo program and merely resaved under a new name.
    Same 3024 x 4032 dimensions, but for some reason saved as a smaller file size (1.17mb):​
    IMG_0070 barely smaller.jpg
    It uploaded fine without being rotated by the system.

    Every time I run a cell phone pic through a picture/photo program (even if it's just to save under a different name or to save it over the original file), it uploads fine. I think this step changes the format.

    I experienced the "rotated pic" issue for the very first time today when I uploaded this unmodified owl pic to a thread to show my iPhone12 Mini's camera quality. Before then, I never experienced a cell phone pic problem because I always reduce their file size first (meaning their original format always gets modified.) All of those owl pics I've posted were from my iPhone...they all displayed fine because they were all run through my photo software.

    For comparison purposes, here is a native Canon pic 4000 x 3000 (4.06Mb)​
    As you can see, it's not pixel size or the file size that's causing the rotation. (Not to run too far afield, but some thumbnails on my new iPhone have displayed sideways, as have some cellphone pics I copied to my laptop. I have never had that problem with any other phone, and I can find no settings on the phone that might remediate it.)

    Maybe this is all "lots of data but no information." But it seems that the only system-rotated pics are the unmodified ones from some cell phones (my unmodified iPhone12 pics have an issue, Yvonne Smith's iPhone11 pics upload fine, Silvia Benoit's phone pics have an issue, others seem to be OK.) I read that this is known to happen with some cell phone pics on many forums (I've personally seen it elsewhere.) I saw nothing as a fix besides a "Rotate Picture" add-on, which seems unnecessary for the volume of issues we [don't] have.

    I don't know if the affected folks would want to run their pics through a picture program before uploading (even if it's just to rename them.) It's an easy fix for those who are so inclined...Open, then SaveAs is all it takes. Anyone who has mastered transferring phone files to their computers and then uploading to the forum should be OK with it. Those who log on here from a phone (and upload photos directly) may or may not find that using their phone's photo apps to modify the files fixes it.

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    All that I have to do in order to fix it is save the photo from the sideways one in the forum thread, pop it up in an editor, rotate it to the proper position, and reupload it. Anyone should be able to do that as long as they do it within the allowed edit time.
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