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    Our forum software includes a thing where the Administor could issue warnings for various infractions, assign a number of points for each infraction, connected to an automatic ban when someone has accumulated a specified number of points.

    I don't use that here. Maybe if we were huge and had more PITAs than we do, but I don't do anything like that. Other than what I can store in my mind, I don't keep track of who did what, or when they did it. My ability to store things in my mind decreases every day, and this isn't even something that I am trying to remember.

    I am mentioning this because sometimes members get defensive if I have removed a post, edited a title, or asked someone to calm down in a forum thread. I don't keep track of that stuff, and you are not accumulating demerits. If either myself or Yvonne remove a post, I can still see it on my end for a while, but that's only so that I can restore it if I am persuaded that it shouldn't have been removed or something.

    No one is accumulating demerit points. Sometimes, I'll use the built-in notification thingie that informs you that I have removed a post, but that's only because I want you to know that it was removed, and why, so that you don't wonder what happened to it. You do not collect demerit points from this.

    Currently, no one is banned here. When I ban someone, it is usually because they were spamming the forum, or I found out they weren't fifty years old. Otherwise, I might ban someone if I think they are on the verge of going off a deep end, in which case I just want to give them a month to calm down, and if they ask me nicely, I'll let them back in earlier than that.

    I know there are a few people here who have been banned at one point or another, but I only remember one of them, and that's only because she mentions it in a forum post every now and then. If you have been banned, and you come back, you're in no more danger of being banned again, as long as you don't continue the same behavior that got you banned in the first place.
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    I really hope this Forum never gets so big that you will have to resort to any of those "corporal punishments!" Ken. :)
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    I wonder who that person is @Ken Anderson ...always mentioning getting banned on here. :rolleyes:
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    Me!!!!! ;):D
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