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Discussion in 'Help Requests' started by Ken Anderson, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Lois Winters

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    Oct 30, 2019
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    There has been less participation for many months now. Both Beth and I were involved in serious health issues, as I have come to realize so many others were also laid low.

    Also, no one wants to belabor our aches and pains to those around us. I just try to deal with my situation as best I can.

    In the past, I tried to get more humor going on here, but it seems that few responded, if anyone, so I let that go.

    Some personal situations make me uncomfortable. Oh, I don't mean talking about various experiences we've had that could be of interest or even entertaining. But, I refrain from commenting on such things as marital problems, family disputes, et al.

    I decline to go into anything medical as it is unethical for me to do so as a professional nurse. I don't mean that I could not tell a tale or two about some patients or even doctors or fellow nurses I've worked with. Names would not be mentioned, but situations would. Or I could talk about when i took a sabbatical from nursing and became a cop. Now that was definitely not a hoot at all.

    I could also talk about when I was elected to public office and was tapped by my party to go higher.

    But in looking at all that, I wonder if anyone would be interested at all or at my time in service.
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    Aug 21, 2022
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    Lois, You've stayed quite busy over the years, my mother became a registered nurse while raising us seven kids. I'm glad you are not a cop this day and time for it's crazier than I've ever seen things before. Sorry about those health issues you had and hope things are getting better for you each day forward. Forums, need more people like you to keep them interesting:).
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    It might seem like it, but things are going pretty much as usual. On both ends of the graph, Septembers are down only because they don't represent full months. I think that it seems slow when some of the members we enjoy most aren't posting but, in terms of numbers, were loping along the same as always. I'm actually a bit surprised that August was as busy as it was because summers are usually down some.
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