Wyoming Oil Well Fire

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    Down in a Wyoming basin surrounded by steep sides with a gravel road that wound around it several times in order to make the grade less steep, there was an oil well that caught on fire.

    It had burned for a couple of days when all the big oil company executives arrived at the scene and discussed what to do.

    The biggest boss called Andy's Petroleum Fire services in Los Angeles and was quoted 6 weeks and $6 million which was too long and too much money.

    The next boss called Ralphs Oil Fire Extinguishing services in Denver and was quoted 3 weeks and $3 million which again was too much and the time was too long.

    The next boss in desperation, watching all their profits go up in flame, called Ralph's Oil Fire Deliverance service in East Texas. Being a backwoods operation Ralph quoted him 3 days and $300,000. The 3rd boss got quick approval and told Ralph he was hired.

    Three days later all the bosses are standing near the fire hoping that Ralph was reliable. One boss caught sight of an old pickup speeding around the basin mountain walls and as it hit the bottom heading straight toward them showing no signs of slowing, they jumped aside and the pickup with the back full of young men, now ripping off their shirts, went right out into the fire.

    These firefighters, beating the fire unmerciful with their shirts, put the fire out in short order. As Ralph came staggering out of the smoke and met the bosses with a handshake, the bosses complimented him on an amazingly quick and efficient job.

    The biggest boss said, "$300,000 is a lot of money for one living in the backwoods of East Texas, so tell me what will you spend all that money on?"

    Ralph replied, "Well sir, I tell you frankly that the very first thing, I mean the very first thing, will be getting some dag-gummed brakes on my pickup."

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