Do You Dream Every Night Or Just Occasionally?

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    A "normal" sleep time for me is three hours per night. About twice a month, will sleep for 5 hours.
    Either way... continuous dreams. Continuous, vivid, real life type dreams. Most commonly myself in a leadership role, solving insoluble problems... many times, life or death. Leading groups of people out of danger, or teaching to a roomful of people and trying to make clear and convince them of lurking dangers.
    Constant analyzing that continues, sometimes for minutes after I wake up. Less anxiety or fear, but a driving force to "fix".

    Strangest part... am not anxious, don't worry a lot, and most of the time, happy.

    Have done sleep centers, medicines, daylight, sleep sounds, cool rooms, total silence, meditation, and most recently red spectrum light. All of these for the past 7 years.

    I am certain that lack of sleep is substantially to blame for my stage 4 Alzheimers.

    (aside) ... am totally convinced that there is a difference between temporal memory and the deeper psychological ability to reason, and analyze.

    Not at all sure of what part dreams come to play in the equation.
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