Do You See This As An Obscene Money Grab?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Trevalius Guyus, Feb 21, 2021 at 11:57 PM.

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    There's probably more to this than we know. When I was a paramedic, it wasn't unusual to read new stories about accidents, violence calls, or other calls I made with the ambulance, and to find the news story barely resembled the facts. It seems there's always an agenda. The agenda isn't necessarily political, and it isn't always intended to further some larger-range goal. Sometimes, the reporter just wants to tell a good story and the facts don't fit into the story that he wants to tell. Other times, the reporter simply didn't put in enough effort to get the facts right. A newspaper reporter attended one of my EMT classes one time because he wanted to become an EMT. When I confronted him over some news stories, he told me that it wasn't unusual for stories to be changed by the editor. Who knows.
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    The larger problem is that "someone" made the decision to "go green." This situation was not a failure of business or of science. It was a failure of politics.

    If the government contract read "Install a reliable form of energy production and distribution," then that standard was not met.

    If the government contract read "Install windmills and solar panels," then the power company is not responsible...the government is.

    You cannot sue the business for providing what the politicians and the people demanded. If any anyone is at fault, it is those who designed and ordered the defective power generation and distribution system, not those who are under contract to build and maintain. I bet the true guilty party [the government] cannot be sued, so they gotta go after someone.
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    The more I get into this case, the more it stinks. Of course, she has a great video of her late child playing in the snow, and looking so happy, a day before he froze to death, supposedly. What jury will fail to award her the $100M? Yeah, great. Lots of things are just seeming very fishy.
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    WHOA WHOA WHOA No body made any decision to go green! If you would do the least bit of research, you would find like all the rest of the world that the energy providers in Texas made a financial decision that came back to bite them in the ass.
    Texas gets18% of tis power from renewable,82% from thermal. Wind generation dropped to 12% due to mills that were down. That still surpassed projected yields for this time of year.
    Thermal generation dropped 30%. Thermal (gas/oil/ nuke/coal) were hampered by non hardened compressors,well heads,frozen cooling wells etc.
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    Chairman of Ercot Sally Talberg lives in Michigan. I wonder if she's ever been to Texa to see what her outfit does?
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