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    It's been awhile, so time to reflect/project and mostly make up stuff and then gripe.

    The debt problem mentioned earlier, somehow was resolved without much ado. I guess congress had more important things to do. When last here in June, the National debt had just passed $22T. Five months later and it just passed $23.T. Amazingly, there are still lots of buyers, although not so much foreign companies... but private and U.S. investors, we are told. Commercial debt is another matter as those rates are easing upward.

    Don't worry about the national debt outpacing the economy by nearly 2% per annum. There is plenty of investors buying up bonds... until they don't.

    The Federal Reserve has refused to resume QE, opting for doing the exact same thing by some other name. The ECB which just last year was signaling the end of bond buying has jumped back into the fray with both feet.

    The U.S. consumer steadfastly propping up the economy, as personal consumption expenditures are slightly increasing. Isn't debt a wonderful thing?

    The U.K. is, as always, on the verge of resolving that Brexit thing. Here is a bold prediction... the conservatives will win a substantial majority and will then fall into disarray over Brexit. It's just a remake of the previous movie... without the suspense.

    It's good to see that whole trade thing was resolved while I was away. We clearly won that war, as exports are up 0.15% over last year. Ignore in the imports being up 0..85%. If the FED can change definitions of words and phrases... I should be able to do the same with that word... win.

    Inflation seems to be picking up in the U.S. now that C.O.L.A. has been established, although one month upswing does not a trend make. A place that does have an upward trend in inflation is China., where food prices are skyrocketing. When I say skyrocket, think of the egg fiasco in the U.S. a few years back. Much of it is being blamed on the local governments and likely to follow upward. The culprit being a disease among the pig population. There is deep concern that the central government might attempt to deflect their population away from their daily ills... to some sinister foreign plot. Not sure how it will moo goo gai pan out, but governments have used that gambit from day one. I know it is a chicken dish, but I bet the Chinese are like Americans, when a price rises on a commodity AND guess which country just lifted a ban on chicken from the U.S.

    I guess I'm done now!

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