Effect Of Weather On Plants

Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Corie Henson, Oct 20, 2015.

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    During summer, the plants would be suffering extreme heat so we had to irrigate the plants at least twice a day. When the rainy season comes, the plants would be drowning in water. Truly, the weather is a bane and boon to the plants. Maybe that's the reason why the greenhouse came to fore in order to give the plants a controlled environment.

    Our plants now are suffering from stagnant waters from the excessive rains. The cassava crops have died and wanting to be replanted. Only one banana plant is left, the one with fruits. Maybe next month we would be rethinking our position on the extended garden which is always submerged in rainwater.
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    I think that this seems to happen, in one way or another, regardless of where we live at, @Corie Henson. Some places get too much heat, some too much cold or rain. Sometimes, like you mentioned, it is a mixture.
    We just dug up the plants that cannot survive the cold and brought them inside the house for the winter. I have been debating whether to dig up the banana plants or give them aaa chence to over-winter. Many people here in north Alabama have banana plants, and they die down each fall when it frosts; but then they come back again the next year, and get taller.
    Mine are still only about a foot tall; so I do not know if they can make it through the cold winter or not. Since it would not take a really large pot for them this year; I think that I will bring in at least the smallest ones, and also the little fig tree that we got at Lowes.
    Next year, i should be able to set them out and leave them hopefully.

    We are on a little rise where we live; so the rainwater always runs off and we do not have it sitting like some flatter places do. This is fine except when we need a perfectly level place (like for putting up the little swimming pool).
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    I'm pretty sure my husband lost some of his potted plants with this freeze we had. We brought as many plants in as we could but some are just to big for us to bring in now and even though we covered them with some plastic sheets it's not looking good for a few of our plants.

    The Spider plants around the Oak tree look bad too...but last Winter we lost a lot of the Spider plants during a freeze...but come Spring new shoots started coming up so I'm really not worried about those.

    These plants are like babies to my husband...and if he has lost some...he will be sad.

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