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Discussion in 'People I Have Known' started by Ken Anderson, Jun 8, 2018.

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    I guess I have a story about this one.
    I actually found an old lost friend online, after many years of searching google for clues. We had been friends back when our kids were growing up, and I was still married to the kid’s dad.
    About the same time that my ex and I ended up getting divorced, she and her husband were going to move to the country ; so we just lost track of each other.
    Eventually,(years later) I found an obituary for her husband in the Spokane paper, and it gave me a rough idea of where they had moved to before he passed away, but not enough information to actually try and contact my friend. Then, I found part of an email, I think with MSN, and it said for a dollar or so, it would give me the rest of the email and send her a letter from me.
    It looked enough like it might actually be Sherry’s email, so I spent the $1 and they sent her an email explaining who I was and asking if she was my lost friend.
    At first, she thought I was one of her grandkids playing a trick on her, but she wrote back anyway, and it turned out to actually be her.
    I was elated !

    After that, we spent time writing back and forth and catching up on all of the back stories of our Iives. At some point, she asked what had become of my ex, and I gave her his email, and said that his girlfriend had left him, he was living alone, and I was sure that he would love to hear from her again, if she wanted to email him.
    Before the end of that year, they had decided to get married, to my surprise.
    This was all well and good; but then she wrote and told me that he was HER husband now, and she didn’t want me to ever see or speak with him, and when it was a family-type function, she guarded him and kept him secluded most of the time.
    Because of her jealousy, it ended up that our friendship just fell apart, which hurt me really badly, and there was no need for that to happen that I could see.
    Before she died, she called me from the hospital and said how much she missed me and our friendship, and that helped a lot; but by then, she was dying, and it was just too late .
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    I found my husband's half sister and her children on Facebook. Neither he nor his brother had any idea where she or her kids were since she stole a bunch of money from their Mom and took off for who knows where with her then boyfriend. When their Mom was dying she kept talking about how she wished she could talk to her daughter one more time. So I found her...and they did get to see and talk to each other before my husband's Mom died. She and her children were at the funeral but after that she left and my husband and his brother only heard from her a couple of times when she wanted to know if her Mom had left her anything in her will. :(

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