Has Science Discovered God?

Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Joe Riley, May 20, 2019.

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    WHEW that was long.

    Since the post was directed to me responding is the right thing to do.

    The video info on Gentry's creationist theory young earth in 1977 have been refuted. There are several web sites to Google I chose this one, it's long but informative.


    Since 1977 science has moved from looking thru a microscope to more sophisticated equipment. For anyone interested this web site contains a wealth of articles about our planet.

    Or the different methods

    Or if really curious visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in DC. Seeing fossil remains that were not present or described anywhere in the bible should have creationists wondering how that could be.
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    Yvonne, thank you for your earlier compliment. I'm confused though by your faith declarations since you seem to have some Biblical doctrines right while conceding loss in belief of others. I'll be interested to find out in time what makes you call yourself a fringe Christian.

    I know, from listening to 20+ years of conspiracy theory radio talk shows, that the subject matter you pursue now is huge and addictive. The book you show looks interesting and one that I'd probably enjoy reading. But, my free time is consumed now by Christian apologetics material, and as I've grown older, I realize that that's where my priorities in life should be. I will however keep a lookout for your postings and likely jump in on any matters relating to religion. Perhaps I'll persuade you in the future to reconsider your compromised Christian doctrines. I think there's room in your mind and heart for science, conspiracy theories, and true religion.

    I just watched your video. It's an old, marginal quality, dry presentation that few skeptics would bare to sit through. I however, thoroughly enjoyed it. Besides being a previous Federal mine inspector and quite familiar with Dr. Brown's famous book on the flood, I recognized all of the evidence examples discussed in the film. It's great material and I truly compliment you on finding, watching, and believing it. There are newer, better videos out now that I also have, covering these valid science issues and even more. So, your young earth belief is validated perhaps even more than you know.

    Don, thanks for the welcome and respect. You sound like a religious intellectual offering good insight and discussions. I hope in the future to discuss your multi religious theology, which I find perplexing. It appears that you're interested enough in religion to let it into your mind, but not convinced enough to let it into your heart. I expect to learn those reasons in time through other thread discussions. By the way, real or not, I like your name. I enjoyed 2 details working up there and hope to return some day.

    Bob, thanks for the final cordial response. I'm glad we can disagree on issues and still enjoy a talk - as it should be. I can't say why we both, you in your 30's and me in my 40's, went different directions with our religious studies and beliefs. Maybe I gravitated towards evidence that confirmed my Christian beliefs while you sought out material that affirmed your challenging beliefs. There's certainly a lot of evidence on both sides for one to study. On the internet and in books, there are hundreds of Bible verse challenges - and just as many explanations being provided by Christian apologists. But, the amount of teaching, printed material, and cultural influence flooding the country (and world) today with evolutionary theory has had the largest impact on discrediting the Bible. It's causing many to abandon their Christian faith because, like you, they had no one countering the teaching with alternative answers.

    I too was taught evolution in the schools, but never really learned it's truth. Like textbooks still teach today, I accepted the conclusions based upon the limited, inaccurate scientific evidence presented. And like most Christians, I reconciled my faith and belief in Genesis by accepting the concept of theistic evolution - accepting the whole Darwinian theory and old earth ages, but believing that God had a hand in directing the processes. It wasn't until my early 40's that I got exposed to Christian apologetics and fortunately I had access by then to several good books and a lot of internet material. Finally, I learned the details and science of both sides of the evolution/creation issue, along with some biblical scriptures that I'd so carelessly disregarded. I see the scientific evidence now of Divine creationism over evolution as overwhelming, and the popular notion of theistic evolution as a belief clearly contradicting the Bible. As for the many other Bible scripture difficulties not relating to creationism, I've only just begun to study them. But I already know that for all of the Atheistic challenges, there are reasonable answers to be found.

    Be it evolution vs creationism, specific Bible difficulties, or objections about God, I've learned that examining the evidence fairly tends to be a willful choice of the heart rather than the amount or validity of the evidence. Thus, I try not to argue with people who are firm in their opposing beliefs, since I find such discussions ineffective. I want to influence those who are unsure in their beliefs, who sincerely want to know the truth, and who aren't defiant of any religious implications. I don't know yet which camp you fall into Bob, but it does seem that you use evolutionary secular material sources for all of your creationism or Biblical challenges. So, you should recognize that such sources are naturally going to refute any interpretation of evidence that doesn't support evolutionary theory. The world's largest museums, including the Natural History Museum in D.C., are a good example of this, being strong promoters of evolution. I have an interesting video of my own showing how they cover up and misrepresent creation/evolution evidence. That brings me back to the previous point. Examining the evidence and drawing conclusions is usually based upon one's presuppositions, or world view. I'm glad though to be siding with the evidence that agrees with God's word. That's really a safer place to be if you think about it.
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