I Will Never Forget The Mother Superior At The Catholic School I Attended

Discussion in 'People I Have Known' started by Babs Hunt, Nov 15, 2017.

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    And the reason I will never forget her is because she was open and honest at a time in my life when I need people who were open and honest.

    For most of my life I was raised in the Catholic Church...but this isn't a post about religion or the Catholic Church. It is a post about a person who was honest enough to admit her humaness in front of the whole school I was attending.

    It was at a general assembly in our school auditorium. And the topic was actually about why people chose the Careers or Vocations they chose.

    The Mother Superior of our school got up to the Podium and told us all that the reason she even became a Nun was because she was so "bad" growing up that she thought this was the only way God would save her. From that day on she became a person to me....a human being with imperfections and one who felt she needed a God to save her from herself.

    I will never forget this woman who admitted she was a very imperfect human who needed a very perfect Savior.

    I don't know @Ken Anderson if you will want to move this to the faith part of the forum, I'll let you decide that. All I know is a grown up who I thought was perfect admitted she wasn't and made my day in knowing there was hope for me too.

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