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    When I graduated high school I had a job offer from Kroger Food chain to work as a retail butcher. Not wanting to be tied down to the same place I grew up the sign at the Navy recruiters office sold me on travel.
    1st. trip was to the Great Lakes recruit center in Illinois. Learned what the Navy expected and then found out not everything works exactly as hoped for. The "dream sheet" or selection for places to be stationed had exotic places like Subic bay in the Phillipines, & Rota, Spain. No where was Argentia, Newfoundland. As I sat on my bunk wondering where that was the only other recruit with that assignment came up to discuss where that might be. We found out just in time to be sent there in the dead of winter.

    For a 1st. assignment it turned out really great. I was assigned to air ops to work on loading cargo & act pretty much like any commercial counter person would with departing and arriving military personel. The great part was 3 section duty. Work one full 24 hour shift off for two days. For a 6 pack of beer I could get someone else to take one of my days. That gave me 5 days off.

    With that much time off I went to Carboneer, Nfld. Started seeing a really nice Newfie girl. Not to long after meeting her I wound up with the nick name "mehanser". The way that happened.

    I borrowed a car from one of the guys on the base to take her to St. Johns to have dinner & see a movie. On the way there I got a flat tire. In January it can get really cold & it was. I got out to change the tire, left her in the car to stay warm. I managed to drag out the spare & jack but since those were in the trunk they were cold. I got back in the car to warm up, she asked what's wrong. I said mehanser cold. She said put them here between my legs. Surprised but happy, I did what she asked me to do. I got out set the jack, took the lug nuts off then got back to warm my hands again. Put the spare on but since it was so cold I had to warm my hands again, before putting the lug nuts on.

    This time she in her kindest, most concerned voice asked me why my ears didn't get cold.
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