Look at All of the Volcanoes Erupting Now!

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    We always have some of the world's active volcanoes erupting; but it seems like in the last few months, I have been reading more and more about new volcanoes that are erupting or becoming active.
    The volcano in Iceland has been spewing out deadly gas for over 5 months now, and people are worried what effect it is going to have on not only people, but plants and animals living in Iceland.
    The sulfur doixide has settled into the snow, so when the snow begins to melt in the spring, it will drain into the water supplies, as well as into the farmlands and pastures of the country.
    With some "experts" proclaiming global warming, and others saying that we are instead heading for another ice age; it is hard to guess what might really be ahead of us with our climate change.


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