My Most Recent Traffic Ticket

Discussion in 'Tall Tales & Fabrications' started by Will Lawrence, Nov 23, 2015.

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    When we were still living in the Phoenix area, they passed a law allowing ticketing of a driver travelling in the inside lane of the freeway, no matter if he was exceeding the speed limit, if there was a string of cars behind him, "Obstructing the flow of traffic". So, it was OK for ALL of them to be speeding!

    What a joke!

    EDIT: Glad to be here, especially after seeing Cheryl Torrie's avatar for the first time! :oops:
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    Nov 19, 2015
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    Wife's grandmother drove into town from their farm for many years... probably many more than she should have. The speed limit on the 2-lane highway was 70 mph. She was stopped one day by the Highway Patrol. She was driving her usual 30 mph and had a long string to traffic backed up behind. The patrolman wrote her a ticket for impeding traffic. She turned around, drove back home, and never drove a car again. At the time, we thought it a little funny. Today, we wish there were more who would "take the hint"......
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