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    I had the greatest neighbors ever! When my husband died, they "adopted" me. They did all kinds of things for me and always watched out for my safety. I was sorry to move.

    Back in the 70's in Michigan, we had the proverbial neighbor-from-hell. He had a beef going with everyone in the neighborhood. Once we were away for a week on vacation and someone spraypainted obscenities on the side of his house that faced ours.

    He told the police he had seen us do it. The officer pointed out that we had been out of town for days (the police liked people to let them know if you were going to be gone so they could keep an eye on your house). So he changed his story to saying we had paid someone to do it. Police didn't buy that, either. They told us that the list of possible suspects encompassed half the town....LOL. I could go on at length about the stuff he did, but let's just say he was one miserable human being....

    To have good neighbors, it helps to BE a good neighbor.
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    Then again, there are apartment neighbors that, before moving into the apartment, had a house and had to sell it. These kind of neighbors aren't exactly the most friendliest neighbors, because now, instead of living in their nice house, they now have to live in a much smaller apartment.

    And, of course, in this "day and age" of crime, many, many people are very skeptical of being overly friendly.

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