So Many Jobs While Most I Know Have One Or Two

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    That’s actually a chunk of change if you speak to a lady who worked as a house wife all her younger life.
    Your pension is a little less than half what a retired woman gets from social security after spending her life having and raising kids and taking care of the house and husband.
    Add in cooking , cleaning and all the shopping there should be some kind of pension set aside just for her. 401 K for housewives.
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    After five or six years, I get bored with what I'm doing. I probably would have stayed with Champion through to retirement because the pay, the benefits, and the retirement package was excellent, plus I was the most senior employee there at the time that they closed their bag plants, but I have left other good jobs simply because I wanted to do something different. I was in EMS for more than twenty years but not in the same place, and I had several different roles, from EMS director, health inspector, and building inspector in Los Fresnos, training coordinator for Catalina, which was a much larger company, an EMS instructor at Texas Southmost College, and program chairman of the EMT department of Texas State Technical College, and part owner in a ACT, a private ambulance company, so while I was in EMS for a long time, I wasn't at any one place for more than six years. It might have made sense for me to have stayed with TSTC because the pay was pretty good and the retirement program couldn't be beaten, plus you'd have to kill someone to get fired from a state college. I had about two hundred students a quarter, but some program chairs had cut their programs down to a half-dozen students and were being paid the same for doing next to nothing. In fact, they were often praised because they had time to volunteer for all the extracurricular stuff that impresses college deans and presidents.
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