Some Kind Of Mind Control ?

Discussion in 'Conspiracies & Paranormal' started by Yvonne Smith, Oct 11, 2018 at 10:44 AM.

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    It seems to me like some kind of craziness has come over America, and I can’t understand what is causing it. It is almost like some people are hypnotized, or under some kind of mind control.
    I can understand the violence of the paid protesters.
    I am sure not saying that I agree with that kind of thing, but they are violent people and being paid to do these violent protests, for the most part; but it really makes the liberals (and by association, the Democratic Party ) look like some kind of mindless lunatics.

    We have always had both the Republican and the Democratic Party, and even though we might look at things different politically, every one acted like a normal person for the most part, and we didn’t have the senselss protesting , like the screamers and people running around naked, or with a pink hat representing a female’s private parts.
    This totally blows my mind, and the more I see of it, the more I can’t figure out why there people do what they do.
    It is a disgrace to their own party, and I am sure that most of the Democrats would no more think of acting this way than the Republicans would.
    Besides the violence and screaming, there are pictures of almost naked women, and one protest was a whole group of women, naked, and with a pile of clothes at their feet.
    They had obviously gone into the middle of the road and all taken their clothing off, and were yelling and screaming .
    I don’t even know what that particular protest was about, but this is just NOT how sane, thinking people,( of any political persuasion) are going to behave.

    I apologize for posting this picture, but it shows what I am speaking of, better than anything else would do.
    I am posting it as a thumbnail, so people do not have to look unless they want to see this.
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    I think the insanity is almost all on the Progressive side of things. They believed all the stuff said about how life was to go, and they expected a whole bunch of free stuff, paid for by others, and when Hillary didn't win, they lost their sanity. You can tell the sane from the insane by the way they talk and act. If they scream and call folks names, they are either insane or have a low guttural intellect that is easily deceived. Note some of the posts on the Forum. If you get a chance to watch the video I posted, you can see her analysis of this problem, although it is a bit hard to follow.
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    I think the insanity is on every side and in every area of life now days. Not to say that there isn't any saneness left in the world...but sometimes its really hard to find it now days. :)

    We are seeing the result of the world's teachings that there is no right or wrong and anything goes now...and it's not a pretty sight at all..nor is it a very pleasant place to live in anymore.
  4. Martin Alonzo

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    It all has been planned first you get control of the entertainment business. Then the media so the only information you receive is what they want you to know. Lastly is the education system turning the schools into propaganda factories. Why do us older people think differently because when we when to school it was the three R's. Now they are teaching gender studies and politico correctness. All these university classes that end in the word study is just propaganda and not education. Watch the news is 90% Democrat's good and Republicans bad. Turn on the _____ awards and it is politico bashing Republicans [Trump]. The Universities ban anyone with an agenda not reflecting the leftest way of thinking. If you wounder why these people are acting crazy is because they have been programed all their life through what they watch and their education. If you talk to most university students you will find a very large group of shear idiots and it is not their fault because they are passing their classes.
    It will take time to undo what these insane people have done to the population hopefully it will come soon

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