The Cia's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, Lsd And A Poisoner In Chief

Discussion in 'Conspiracies & Paranormal' started by Ken Anderson, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Ken Anderson

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    Here's something that had previously been confined to Coast-to-Coast radio and other conspiracy outlets, now published in NPR. Although it may have been mentioned, the mainstream media wasn't very interested in MK-ULTRA or on stories of the CIA's use of LSD.

    The CIA's Secret Quest for Mind Control: Torture, LSD and a Poisoner in Chief -- NPR
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    I've seen some documentaries on the subject. Even the attempts which may look silly in hindsight, was fresh information at the time. If they didn't TRY, they wouldn't know what would work and what wouldn't. Much like the George Clooney movie about the man who stared at goats. I think it was the job of the CIA to leave no stone unturned.
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  3. Shirley Martin

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    All that wasted effort and wasted lives when all they had to do was fill the TV with propaganda. That form of mind control absolutely works.

    On second thought, maybe that's what they discovered with all their experiments. JFK said if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
  4. Yvonne Smith

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    This is absolutely correct, and it appears that the CIA has also been using movies, and even children’s cartoons to change people’s thoughts and influence them. The documentary, Out of Shadows, explains this very well. Apparently, the CIA helped Walt Disney to purchase the land in Florida, and has used a lot of the Disney movies for programming; but there are pictures of cartoons back to the 1940’s, (or earlier) with mind control propaganda. One said something like “income tax, get the Axis off our backs”, to instill the idea that income tax was both necessary and patriotic.

    The documentary also explains how we are shown something , and then told that it is not real, just movie fiction; so we do not believe that this kind of thing is actually happening.
    Then, we have all of the news media, which is all controlled; so what we think is news, is just more propaganda, and people can love or hate something and not really even know why. We see examples of this with people who hate our president, but they can’t really tell you what they don’t like when you ask for specifics, and just fall back on saying that he is somehow evil .
    It is worth watching this documentary , to see how we have all been basically brainwashed with media propaganda, and for how long it has been going on.

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