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    If I have put this in the wrong category, please forgive.

    Some years ago whilst browsing through a book shop I had the good fortune to find an incredible book by Tom Phillips called The Humument which I would like to share with you

    In 1966 Phillips resolved to dedicate himself to making art out of the first secondhand book he could find for threepence on Peckham Rye. Thus began A Humument, the first and longest (45 years and counting) of Phillips's extended serial projects. A Humument is a radical 'treatment' of a forgotten Victorian novel by means of collage, cut-up, ornament and other techniques. To date, four editions, each with a number of pages reworked, have been published, and Phillips has said the series will only be complete when all pages of his original have themselves been revised.

    Below is a link explaining the book and showing the pages before and after

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    To what purpose is he doing this. He must find some satisfaction in doing this. What is the goal? I suppose there doesn't have to be any goal or purpose but to keep at something for so long. Okay I looked at the referenced site. Very intricate. I suppose everybody needs a hobby. Seems a little like making cards, arty cards, for special occasions or something. Suppose it depends on what you want to do. Maybe for me the water is too deep and I can't appreciate fine talent.
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