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Discussion in 'Senior Employment' started by Yvonne Smith, May 18, 2016.

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    When you are willing to work on commission, there are always jobs, and they will usually hire anyone who is willing to work, regardless of your age.
    Some commission jobs are actually better with a senior citizen, simply because we have a lot of credibility usually.
    Where a person might be skeptical of some young, fast-talking salesman, they will very often listen to an older, soft-spoken person. And they are also more apt to let a senior in the front door when you knock, especially when it is a senior lady.
    Even though I have always been very shy, most of my jobs have been commission-only jobs, or jobs with a base pay plus commission.
    Some of the best money that I ever earned was when I was selling life insurance. It was a lot of travel and long hours, and I would not do that now; but there are other jobs that will be shorter hours or part-time, and not that hard to do.
    It is at least something to consider when you are looking for a job and having trouble finding someplace to hire you.
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    When I retire from my office job, the 2 considerations on my mind is putting up a small boutique more for the occupation and not really for the money. Another is selling insurance of all kinds. In fact, I am already being recruited by a colleague who sold me my life insurance. What's good in selling insurance is that you have the time for yourself and no capital involved except for the transportation. But in this digital age, you can transact business online.

    With the first option of the boutique, we had that sometime in the 1990s and it did not lift off due to lack of capital. The sales was so small that was not even enough for the attendant's wages. I'm not sure if my husband would agree with this venture. Besides, renting a store space is quite expensive.

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