Constitution & Bill of Rights

Not every member of this forum is a citizen of the United States, and the United States is not the only nation with a constitution. However, since the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights are documents that are not well understood or correctly interpreted by our political leaders or Supreme Court, your forum administrator would like to use this area to teach the history and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution as they were interpreted by the folks who wrote it, and by the early leaders of our government. If there is interest in discussing the constitutions of other countries, these discussions are also appropriate topics for this area of the forum. I used to teach a course on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to junior high school students, so I'll be referring to some of the teaching materials that I still have, and supplementing it as needed. I have chosen the Politics & Government area as the parent forum for this topic, not because I consider the constitution to be a hot button issue, but because of its relationship to government. I had considered the Education area.