3 Or 4 New Federal Holidays Needed?

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    *** SPOILER *** This post has the potential to make some heads explode.

    The months of March, April and August have no federal holidays, and October needs a replacement one, IMHO. Every other month has at least one, with January and November having two. Seems to me if we added 3 or 4 more, spread out to the months currently unrepresented, we'd have a chance of being a more civilized country.

    I'm saying that partly tongue in cheek.

    But for fun, what might some options be?
    Maybe March 1st could celebrate National Parks day, for Yellowstone being named first national park.
    Maybe April 27 could celebrate Seniors, for the day the first social security checks were issued
    Maybe August 15 could celebrate the Arts and artists, for the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair
    What would you suggest for these 3 months?

    What we already have are:

    1 calendar flipping day -- January
    1 civil rights honoree day -- January
    1 presidents day -- February
    2 war ending days -- May & November
    2 freedom celebrating days -- June & July
    1 workers honoring day -- September
    1* inaccurate discovery day -- October
    1** survival gratitude day -- November
    1 day of celebrating just 1 religion -- December

    * Columbus Day is on the way out. Many cities and some states have replaced it with an Indigenous Peoples Day. This seems reasonable to me. Columbus never set foot on North America, and claimed he had actually reached Asia. The Norse are widely credited in academic circles with being the first Europeans to reach and establish one or more colonies on North America roughly 500 years earlier than the voyages of Columbus.

    ** Days of Thanksgiving were initially declared in the colonies every time colonists declared military victory over Natives, which often meant large scale slaughtering and displacement of the continent's original inhabitants. Other days of thanksgiving were celebrated when overcoming drought, disease, and other hardships.
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    I don’t know about adding more holidays, and maybe we could even have a few less, at least where we live. It seems like no one even cares what the holiday is about, just that it is a time to drive fast, play loud music, get drunk/high, and shoot off fireworks and guns. Gone are the happy days of family traditions and celebrations that I remember from you younger years, and I would be very surprised to learn that parents take the time to explain each of the holidays, and why we celebrate them.

    That being said, I am totally in favor of the August 15th one that you suggest, @D’ Ellyn Dottir, since that is my daughter Robin’s birthday, and I think it highly appropriate it should be a national holiday !
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    That occurred when the holidays were moved to Monday or Friday to give Federal employees 3 day weekends. What ever meaning the holidays had was lost. Only July 4th and Thanksgiving still have the original meaning.
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