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Discussion in 'Make Me Laugh' started by Don Alaska, Aug 26, 2022.

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    One of my sons is moving from Indianapolis to Kansas City (job related). The movers were packing his stuff yesterday when they came on a strange looking can that they didn't recognize. They pushed a button on the can to see what it was and immediately caused a minor disaster. They had activated his can of Bear Spray inside his small garage! The house was evacuated and the movers were suffering terribly. We asked if any had to be sent to the hospital, and son replied they weren't sure yet. It was an old can of spray he left over from camping in Alaska and folks in Indianapolis were unfamiliar with it.

    As a hint for others: Don't press buttons when you don't know what they do. Fortunately, his two young sons were in the back yard and weren't badly affected.
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    That's pretty funny. It's like Laura Petrie and the inflatable raft, but with much worse consequences.
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    One of our EMTs, who was also a Constable, accidentally triggered his pepper spray inside of our ambulance. Fortunately, our patient eventually regained his sense of humor, and I'm sure he had a story to tell.
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