Birthdays After Fifty

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    A fellow senior with a few more years under his belt and a much better way with words than I shared this with friends and family this morning and I am going to take the liberty of sharing it with you guys.....

    At night's end....

    Time of yesterday, where did you go
    I blinked and now age of older, soon I to show
    My mirror, oh how it to fool me it did
    Mostly in the shadows, from its view, I hid.

    Oh, I did my part yes, best I could
    Rules for living happy, well understood
    Quiet times of evening we did find
    And tomorrow, new adventures, mine...!!

    Age is not how I feel, as from bed to arise
    Get dressed, shirt buttons at times a surprise
    Not even as my mind to say, best make it right
    This to happen, getting dressed, without a light....!!

    I smile as I see I have beat out the sun
    As in darkness still from bed I come
    Do the things ever it seems I to do
    Pondering breakfast, this as well, nothing new...!!

    WSB 9/12/2023

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