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    @Gloria Mitchell
    His smirk suggested to me that he ought to have been arrested for violating FDA laws. Small-town, big grocery store, family-owned, they had quite a number of stores, dozens we heard, quietly backed by the Baptist Church which was entrenched in the Missouri Ozarks. The owner's name is Wayne Gott. Here is an interesting story about him. He wields supreme power in that area of the Ozarks. His policies seem untouchable. Locals commonly spoke of his mistresses from over the years. Hypocrite.

    "Gott enjoys serving Lord as a businessman

    SALEM – Wayne Gott, who owns dozens of grocery stories and banks, is a businessman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Gotts own and run 17 Country Mart supermarkets out of the Salem office. Wayne Gott and two partners in Fredricktown own 40 stores together out of the Fredericktown office, which accounts for a total of 57 stores in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Diversified as many wise businessmen are in the 2000s, Gott became a banker in the 1970s and is part of a family group that now owns 10 banks.

    Another one of Gott’s interests is Southwest Baptist University (SBU), where he serves as a trustee. The educational center at the Baptist university in Bolivar is named for the Gotts, and Wayne’s legacy, in part, is being built through the naming of a residence facility for men as Gott Hall." (A branch was built in Salem when we lived there, named Gott Southwest Baptist University Salem Campus)

    See: http://mbcpathway.com/2007/01/18/article65441-htm/

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