F1 2023 Kicks Off March 3rd

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    Here is the calendar and also the time conversion for the UK since the televising schedule is based on UK time, race always or most of the season is delayed here. Most of the time the race was televised at just daylight here in the US if not being ran in the US at the end of season schedule. Looks to be a great season with two high powered teams looking to grab the crown from Red Bull. My preference is Red Bull to win a 3rd championship. As long as it isn't Mercedes since it is Mercedes that owns the series I hate the thought it is so crooked but it is what it is. Ferrari had a good season coming in 3rd in driver championship last season but mechanical failures kept them in 3rd. They worked all winter to stop the failures so we'll see ! F1 drivers are not to happy with the organization dictating to them they cannot speak openly about political matters or common issues , much like communist the F1 is becoming. ! I think we all here in the USA know what free speech is but not in Europe and it never has been. One good strike will throw out those communist making this season one of being driven by robots. :D

    https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/united-kingdom-england-london-to-CST USA

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